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Example of a shortened link https://waa.ac/abc123
Why do I need to register before shortening URLs (Short URLs)?
- To allow the system to record usage statistics.
- You can come back to edit the link you want to shorten later.
- For security and overall trust in usage.
The team is committed to taking legal and ethical actions. Terms of Service To ensure trustworthy and secure shortened domain links for everyone.Links involved in wrongful actions will be suspended immediately without prior notice.
We have gained trust in URL shortening, creating short URLs, with over100k this year.
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WaanKit provides URL shortening services to make links shorter. This makes it easier to understand. We transform long links into shorter ones, making them easier to use, such as for sharing or forwarding, making them easier to remember. It's also useful for campaigns or SMS, reducing SMS credit costs since shorter links use fewer characters. Additionally, we offer extra services to enhance URL shortening capabilities, like tracking usage statistics. This allows marketers to utilize data for further marketing strategies.

What is URL shortening service (Short URL) and how does it work?

The URL shortening service helps reduce the length of long links, making them shorter and easier to read. Typically, they take the form of something like https://waa.ac/abc123. The process of URL shortening service includes the following main steps:
  1. Receive Long URL: Prepare the long URL that needs to be shortened.
  2. Shorten URL: The system shortens the URL to make it shorter and easier to remember. For example, https://waa.ac/abc123. (*With the Pro package and above, you can customize the URL name yourself.)
  3. Share Link: You can immediately share the shortened URL.
  4. Analyze Statistics: Our URL shortening service includes features to track the performance of the shortened links. It counts the number of clicks on the link and collects additional data for marketing analysis.

Benefits and Advantages of Using URL Shortening (Short URL) with WaanKit

  1. Convenience and Compactness: URL shortening reduces the size of URLs, making them shorter. This simplifies sharing and reduces URL clutter.
  2. Easy-to-Remember URLs: You can customize the URL name to align with the content of the link in the shortened URL, making it easy to remember and share.
  3. Ability to Edit URLs Later: If you need to edit a URL after it has been shared, such as changing the destination website or editing the text in the original URL, using a URL shortener makes this change easy.
  4. Tracking and Analysis: WaanKit provides services to track link performance and provide analysis data, such as click counts, user origins, and other usage data.
  5. Password Protection and Precautions: You can set passwords for links to filter and target users before accessing them.
  6. Link Expiration: You can set the expiration period for link usage.

Speed and Security

WaanKit's system is installed and operated on Google Cloud, enhancing capabilities through cache management with Cloudflare, and encryption with HTTPS.

Does it have an expiration date? How long can it be used?

WaanKit provides free URL shortening services without expiration. *Subject to the conditions of the free package. You can view the feature table and all limitations at the WaanKit package table.