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Dynamic QR Code & Shorten Url
Management system for short links and Dynamic QR codes.
Your platform for managing shortened links and QR codes, empowering you to build your brand and easily edit link data afterwards. Reduce costs and eliminate errors in print production, as well as other related businesses. Professionally manage links with key features including:
  • Support dynamic link updates
  • Every link supports shortening (Short URL)
  • Link protection system with password
  • Support Google Analytics integration
  • Support installation of Facebook Pixel Code, TikTok Pixel Code
  • Set time intervals for link usage
  • Customize QR code designs with QR Code Designer Tools
  • Attachment and forwarding parameter system
  • Separate links for iOS / Android
  • Separate links for each country
  • Statistical tracking system
Single Page & Page Builder Tools
Web Page and Forms Builder
A system for creating web pages and forms.
If you don't have your own website yet, you can create pages with us easily through our Page & Forms Builder Tools. Just drag and drop!
  • Supports core features from the link shortening and QR code system
  • Drag-and-drop system for creating mobile-friendly web pages, convenient, easy, and fast
  • Template system for easy startup
  • Mobile-Friendly display on smartphones
  • Flexible form builder system, easy to create
  • Summary reports of form submissions available in both graph and table formats
  • Data export system for form submissions, supporting Excel files
  • Notification system via Line application upon form submission
Digital business card
Digital business cards for organizations.
Digital business card management system for organizations. Customers can instantly save information to their mobile devices in just one step. Convenient, fast, and helps reduce paper usage.
  • Supports core features from the link shortening and QR code system
  • Accessible via browser, no need to install additional applications
  • Template management system for digital business cards
  • Management system for a large number of staff members' digital business cards within the organization
  • Supports saving digital business cards in .VCF file format
  • Statistics tracking system for digital business card usage
Tailor the usage to suit your organization's needs.
  • Save QR Code to mobile device, open image from gallery to share
  • Install digital business card link into NFC Card
  • Print QR Code image on paper business cards or employee ID cards
  • Attach digital business card link to email signature
  • And more
Report Analytics
Single Page & Page Builder Tools
Drive your business with your data.
Propel your business forward with the power of data-driven insights from link scanning statistics.
  • Scan results categorized by scan count and unique visitors
  • Heatmap graph of scanning activity over time
  • Operating system and browser data reports
  • Parameter reports
  • Device and screen size reports
  • Country access reports
  • Language and URL referrer reports
  • Summary reports of form submissions
  • Export Raw Data (.csv)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WaanKit offers QR services in the form of Dynamic QR Codes, which allow you to change the destination URL later. This is suitable for scenarios where you may have already printed QR codes on products or items and want to update the URL later. Additionally, we provide additional features such as access statistics reporting, NFC Tag Management, Shorten URL, Page Builder, and Forms Builder.

Links generated from our system can be accessed according to your package quota. In the event that you have purchased a Pro package and it expires, the links will be changed to the Free package status. You can read the Terms of Service here.

WaanKit offers tracking statistics for Shorten URL, NFC Tag, and Dynamic QR Code usage.

WaanKit offers the function to protect links with passwords (Pro package and above). Users will need to enter the correct password to access the content inside.

You can order packages via application Line : @waankit Please provide your information along with the desired package. We will promptly proceed to send you a quotation. We operate as a company and can issue full invoices (only available for Thailand).

Do you have any further questions?

Sure, feel free to send me the questions you'd like to know about. @waankit
via application Line Our team will expedite the process of answering your questions as quickly as possible.

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