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The team recommends creating Dynamic QR Codes, where you can edit the URL even after printing, and track scan statistics.Learn more
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Dynamic QR code is another type of QR code generation that aims to replace and overcome the limitations of creating static QR codes. The functionality of Dynamic QR code involves embedding a system within the QR code itself, allowing users to modify it after creation. Importantly, generating Dynamic QR codes is not as difficult as one might think. In this article, we will guide you through its usage and provide essential information for using the Dynamic QR code system on WaanKit.

What is Dynamic QR Code?

As mentioned above, Dynamic QR code operates by incorporating a system within the QR code itself, allowing for customization during usage. Consequently, users can insert additional features and functions, such as:
  • Tracking scan statistics
  • Editing and modifying links after QR code creation
  • Setting expiration dates for QR codes
  • Connecting with external systems like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, HubSpot, and others
  • Setting privacy options such as password protection
  • Notification systems for scan activities
All these mentioned features may only represent a portion of the capabilities that contribute to Dynamic QR code usage. Further insights on the comparison between Dynamic QR code and Static QR code can be found in the article What are the differences between Static QR Code and Dynamic QR Code?

Why does your business need to change from Static to Dynamic QR Code?

The advantage of Dynamic QR Code management lies in its ability to integrate with digital marketing techniques, thereby enhancing efficiency compared to traditional methods. The system possesses the following features

Ability to Edit URL Links / Landing Pages

ความสามารถในการแก้ไขลิงก์ URL / landing pages

The main advantage of Dynamic QR Codes is the ability to edit the link after generating the QR Code. With the capability to edit links, marketers can quickly adjust campaigns linked to QR Codes in real-time. This agility directly impacts product and sales performance. For example, if your QR Code directs to a YouTube video crucial for a new product launch but the video experiences technical issues preventing it from going online, using Dynamic QR Codes allows you to promptly update the link to a working video without having to create a new QR Code.

From the above scenario, it can be observed that we don't need to create a new QR Code. This is crucial in the realm of QR Code printing, as having to reproduce all media could incur significant expenses to rectify such issues. Therefore, Dynamic QR Codes cater to businesses requiring flexibility and agility in their operations.

Statistics on Usage/Scans


With the features of the WaanKit system, data from QR Code scans is stored in a cloud-based database and presented in a dashboard format for easy understanding. Additionally, it allows for exporting data into .xlsx files for convenient usage. The data collected can be grouped into the following categories:
  • Scan Count (counted from each scan) and Visitor Count (processed from actual users)
  • Grouping by Time Intervals (Heat map time)
  • Parameter-based Reporting
  • Grouping by Operating Systems
  • Grouping by Devices
  • Grouping by Browsers
  • Grouping by Screen Sizes
  • Grouping by Languages
  • Grouping by URL Referrer

Integrating with External Analytics Systems such as Google Analytics

การเชื่อมระบบสถิติภายนอก เช่น Google Analytics

WaanKit can seamlessly install GA4 Measurement ID without the need for additional scripts. Afterward, the system automatically links data with Google Analytics (usage data combined with Cookie consent). Additionally, connecting Pixel Codes like Facebook Pixel and Tiktok Pixel is straightforward. You can easily input the Pixel IDs for Facebook and Tiktok to group target audiences of QR Code scanners effortlessly. The system is ready to use immediately without the need to manually follow scripts. Furthermore, it supports Facebook verified domain on the platform (*only available for Landing Page service).

Privacy Settings System